Problems and Solutions to Problems: Views 2, CiviCRM, and Drupal 6

Nov 13, 2009

The following is a quick run-down of problems you might run into using Views 2 integration with CiviCRM 2.2.3 and Drupal 6 (or higher):

Update (11/20/2011): This is an outdated, unmaintained post. Proceed with caution.

Update (12/24/09): I recently added a new issue to this list, after updating a site to Drupal 6.15: CCK fields won’t save and/or you get “Table ‘batch’ already exists” errors. See below (number 3).

1. When creating a view of CiviCRM data using the Views user interface, no data is returned.

Running the query that Views generated directly against the database returns a result, but Views comes back empty.  If you haven’t used Views 2 to access a database external to your Drupal database before, then this one might be a stumper.

Never fear!  The fix is easy.  You probably need to update the $db_prefix variable in your Drupal settings.php file. As outlined in the CiviCRM docs ( Integration Module), you need to change this line:

$db_prefix = '';

To an array that includesallof the CiviCRM tables, including your custom tables:

$db_prefix = array(
 'default' => '',
 'civicrm_acl' => 'civicrm.',
 'civicrm_acl_cache' => 'civicrm.',
 'civicrm_acl_entity_role' => 'civicrm.',
 'civicrm_activity' => 'civicrm.',
 'civicrm_activity_assignment' => 'civicrm.',
 'civicrm_activity_target' => 'civicrm.',
 'civicrm_address' => 'civicrm.',
 'civicrm_cache' => 'civicrm.',
 'civicrm_case' => 'civicrm.',
 'civicrm_case_activity' => 'civicrm.',
 'civicrm_case_contact' => 'civicrm.',
 'civicrm_component' => 'civicrm.',
 'civicrm_contact' => 'civicrm.',
 'civicrm_contact_ar_EG' => 'civicrm.',
 'civicrm_contact_en_US' => 'civicrm.',
 'civicrm_contact_ru_RU' => 'civicrm.',
 'civicrm_contribution' => 'civicrm.',
 'civicrm_contribution_page' => 'civicrm.',
 'civicrm_contribution_page_ar_EG' => 'civicrm.',
 'civicrm_contribution_page_en_US' => 'civicrm.',
 'civicrm_contribution_page_ru_RU' => 'civicrm.',
  //  more tables .... 

Note: I used to set the ‘default’ array element to ‘drupal.’ but this appears to cause problems. I now use an empty string for the ‘default’ element, but if an empty string isn’t working for you, try ‘drupal.’ for that element.

Also: I only listed some of the tables in the above example. Check the CiviCRM demo site for a comprehensive listing that includes a few custom table examples:

You can also use that URL to check the current settings on your installation (e.g.,

2. You get SQL errors when trying to use custom fields in a view

At this point, you have Views integration working. Then you try to sort or return data from a custom field, and Views spits out something like the following:

user warning: Table 'drupal.civicrm_value_custom_field_2' doesn't exist query:
SELECT AS id, civicrm_event.start_date AS civicrm_event_start_date,
civicrm_value_custom_table_2.custom_value_4 AS civicrm_value_custom_table_2_custom_value_4
FROM xxxxx_civicrm.civicrm_event civicrm_event
LEFT JOIN civicrm_value_custom_table_2 civicrm_value_custom_table_2
ON = civicrm_value_custom_table_2.entity_id
LIMIT 0, 10
in /usr/local/home/username/sites/ on line 731.

This happens if you try to access a custom data group in Views whose table hasn’t been added to the $db_prefix array (,8075.0.html).

Any time you add a new group of custom fields to CiviCRM, you need to add the name of the table (CiviCRM stores custom data groups as tables in its database) to the $db_prefix array in Drupal’s settings.php file. Otherwise, Views won’t be able to find any of the fields in the group.

3. CCK Fields Won’t Save and/or “user warning: Table ‘batch’ already exists” Errors

Wow, this one rocked my socks. I literally spent the past few days debugging this, and I wouldn’t have even known it was related to my $db_prefix variable if David Machota hadn’t written to inform me he’d discovered a fix.

The problem: You can’t save CCK fields (I ran into this personally) or you keep getting a “user warning: Table ‘batch’ already exists” error message (David posted an entry on describing this one).

The solution appears to be leaving the ‘default’ $db_prefix array element blank when you declare your prefixes in settings.php. The example in this post had previously used ‘drupal.’ as the default prefix, but this appears to cause problems (after Drupal 6.14 and possible before).

So, if you run into either of these problems, use an empty string for the ‘default’ $db_prefix element. I have updated the examples in this post to do so. Also, please drop me an email if using an empty string like this fudges your system.