I write an occasional newsletter about modern Python programming, databases, and software development.

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What can you expect as a subscriber? I’m a ten-plus-year veteran Python developer with a passion for databases, so you’ll get the following:

  • Reports about modern Python features and libraries I use at work
  • Analysis of products, companies, and events in the database market
  • Discussion about interesting PRs and GitHub issues in the Python and database space – including my work when it’s open-source
  • Tips on earning more money and finding meaning in your work, drawn from my career

If you’re new to Python or databases, this newsletter is a great way to attach a firehose directly from an experienced developer’s brain into yours. Readers with industry experience will appreciate hearing an insider’s take on the database market, while anyone who writes code will benefit from discussions about new Python features and databases.

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Photo by Alisha Hieb on Unsplash