The Temple of Django Database Performance

I wrote the book on Django database performance.

And this is not just another boring technical book: it’s a mashup of deep technical content and fantasy table-top gaming.

One reader described it like this:

The Temple of Django Database Performance is a must read for anyone working with Django. You’ll learn about profiling, query plans, indexing, and the Django ORM. Very approachable for those with only modest experience but even the experts should learn something new.

– Tristan Waddington, Developer Experience Lead

You can grab the ebook bundle (EPUB, MOBI, and PDF) or print bundle (full-color print edition plus all ebook files) from the Spellbook Press web site, or print-only from

Bundles purchased from Spellbook Press include the full AsciiDoc source code of the book, high-resolution images, and all of the example code.