I’m a software developer with deep experience in Python programming, web applications, PostgreSQL, and Redis. My mission is to help every developer build a meaningful career.

Contact Me

You can find me on Twitter and GitHub. Or email me: a AT andrewbrookins.com.


I wrote The Temple of Django Database Performance to help Django developers level up their database performance skills. If you’re a Django developer, you should totally buy it!

The working title for my next book is Planet of the Redis Lords. Check out the example code for the book for a preview!

Software Development

I’ve worked for over ten years as a software developer. A couple of years ago, I charted ten years of learning investments related to my career.

Most of my experience is with Python. I compared mixins in Ruby and Python. I’ve also explored how Django’s StreamingHttpResponse works.


I’m mildly obsessed with iPads, iOS, and how people get serious work done with mobile technology.

I tried coding on an iPad Pro in 2019 and an iPad Air 2 in 2017.

Lately I’ve also been writing and producing technical videos using an iPad and iPhone.


In my free time I kick it with my family (photo below). Our first daughter was born in 2012, and our second was born in 2019. They’re both absolutely bonkers, and I love them.

I’ve written a few public letters to my first daughter, like Dear Alma: How to Quit Drinking.

A photograph of the family