Deploying Fat Free CRM to Heroku

Jan 17, 2010


I just finished deploying a Fat Free CRM install with all the under-development plugins to Heroku. Starting out with Saturn Flyer’s write-up, I learned a few things along the way, and now I have a cool Rails-based sales app to play with.

Working with a read-only filesystem

The biggest stumbling block I had was realizing Fat Free CRM’s use of Sass didn’t jive with Heroku’s read-only filesystem. Two plugins exist that theoretically fix this problem; however, only one worked for me: heroku sass and cache.

CSS errors

If you get any weird CSS-related errors in the Heroku production log after deploying your app (read it via the “heroku logs” command), make sure to read this Fat Free CRM Users thread, which links to a patch for this problem. However, this shouldn’t come up if you just clone the Fat Free git repo.

Pushing a local branch to Heroku

Remember, by default you are pushing to the master branch on Heroku, and according to Heroku’s git deployment docs, there isn’t a way to change this. However, you can still work on a local branch and push that branch to master with the following command:</p>

git push heroku local_branch:master