I’m a software developer with deep experience in Python programming, web applications, PostgreSQL, and Redis.

Get Your Product to Market Faster

Building a new product? I can help you get to market faster. I’ll jump in with my lead developer as a service offering to quickly make technology decisions, help you build a team, get your Continuous Integration systems running, and drive development forward while maintaining a high quality bar.

Migrate to the Cloud

Moving your web application or database to the cloud simplifies operations while allowing you to scale. But how do you get the migration done? I have years of experience working with cloud and special expertise in Google Cloud Platform and IBM Cloud. I’ll develop a migration plan with you and support your business every step of the way.

Scale Your Database, Protect Your Data

Your database is crucial to business growth. I’ll guide you through automating and verifying backup, replication, and high availability configurations for PostgreSQL and Redis.

Make Your Python App Faster

If you have a Django, Flask, or FastAPI application, I can make it faster. I have years of experience tuning database queries, caching slow operations, and designing web apps for speed. I’ll audit your code for performance bottlenecks and hand off my recommendations to your team or make the changes myself – whatever helps you most.

Want to talk about any of these services? I’d love to hear about your challenges and share my experience.